Bubbles as individual advertising

Unique in Europe - individualized already available from 108 pieces

Advertise with bubbles! With your personal imprint creates an individual advertising with brand recognition. We supply the bubbles printed with your individual style!

Prices for small quantities with customprinted label. [Nbsp] (plus tax) The Smallquantities are sold in standard whitecardboard. There are no additional costs.

pcs. Price / €
108 on Request
216 on Request
504 on Request
1008 on Request
1548 on Request
2448 on Request


Prices for palletised goods. The bubblescome from a pallet (5184 pieces) in standard carton box (white) The Aufpresefor individualiserten When you putcardboard check the list below.

Pallets total pieces Price p.p.
1 5184 on Request
2 10368 on Request
3 15552 on Request
6 31104 on Request
9 46656 on Request


Feel free to wire the standard white cardboard boxes also supply according to your wishes be the surcharges for these individual sales packaging:

Pallets total needed boxes price  / box
1 5184 pcs. 144 pcs. on Request
2 10368 pcs. 288 pcs. on Request
3 15552 pcs. 432 pcs. on Request
6 31104 pcs. 864 pcs. on Request
9 46656 pcs. 1296 pcs. on Request