Balloon Closer for longer lifetime, up to 25 time longer!

Balloons filled with air of helium do react on different temperatures, that means for example, if you fill the balloons indoor, but you use the balloons outdoor the balloons loose volume (if the temperature goes down) and this reaction already after a few hours. If you fill the balloons outdoor and use them indoor, the balloons get more volume and they can explode because of higher temperatures.

If you use hifloat, the balloons get protection inside and are much more stabil and resistant!

How to use Hifloat

Step 1: please fill the balloons with air and let out the air again

Step 2: please prepare the balloons with Hifloat

Step 3: please fill the balloons again with air or helium

Step 4: a longer lifetime of the balloons up to 25 times longer